Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kudal Sangam and Almatti Dam


After visiting Bijapur we proceeded to Kudal Sangam. It is a holy place for people who follow Lingayat faith. Also three rivers namely Krishna,Malaprabha and Ghataprabha culminate at this place. The holy samadhi of Basavanna, founder of Lingayat faith lies on river bed. A huge hollow pillar is constructed and the Samadhi lies at its bottom. A staircase leads to it.

Kudala Sangam

360 degrees view of Kudal Sangam - A holy place in Karnataka state,India

Kudal Sangam

A 360 degrees view at Kudal Sangam

From there on we proceeded to Almatti Dam which is built on river Krishna. It is not allowed to enter the Dam premises due to security reasons but the surrounding area is beautified with many gardens. The greenery in the area is very much soothing.

Almatti Dam

The nearby garden is must see. With a very nominal fee one can see the superb creativity employed in its creation. There are many life like sculptures in this garden… so many beautiful flowers .. a lake with boating facility.. It takes about an hour to enjoy this garden.

Garden at Almatti Dam

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